About Me:

Hey! My name is Jill. I am currently a high school sophomore in Indiana. I have loved creating art, hand-lettering, and bullet journaling for years now, but recently I started getting into making designs on Procreate. When I realized I have all the supplies to make stickers at home, I had the idea to make a sticker business out of my own designs. I am coming up with new ideas for products and stickers all the time. I’ve put a lot of thought and hard work into each sticker I create, and have gone through lots of trial and error. Now in June 2020 I am ready and eager to start selling my stickers and making custom portraits for people!

About the stickers:

Every sticker on Lavender & Craft is designed, printed, and laminated by me. The stickers are made to be waterproof, although hand washing is recommended in order to maintain its best quality. The lamination not only protects the sticker from water, but also protects the sticker from the sun and wearing away. The stickers are also scratch proof so the ink should not scrub away when washed. These stickers are perfect for decorating water bottles, laptops, folders, mirrors, phone cases and more!